Confirmed Retiring Soon Sets

[Last Updated: 09/09/2017]

A list of retiring soon sets that are revealed by LEGO. Many of these sets may already sold out. Depends on the set’s popularity, stock level, geography and many other factors. Included in the list are:

Star Wars sets

75119 Sergeant Jyn Erso

75524 Chirrut Îmwe

75525 Baze Malbus

75165 Imperial Trooper Battle Pack

75162 Y-wing Microfighter

Creator Modular Building sets

10232 Palace Cinema

City sets

60125 Volcano Heavy-lift Helicopter

60131 Crooks Island

60097 City Square

60098 Heavy-Haul Train

Minecraft sets

21127 The Fortress

Super Hero sets

41594 Captain Armando Salazar

41591 Black Widow

70908 The Scuttler

76071 Mighty Micros: Spider-Man vs. Scorpion

76068 Mighty Micros: Superman vs. Bizarro

76072 Mighty Micros: Iron Man vs. Thanos

Ninjago sets

70594 The Lighthouse Siege

Nexo Knights sets

70326 The Black Knight Mech

70359 Lance vs. Lightning

70365 Battle Suit Axl

70347 King’s Guard Artillery

Creator sets

31059 Sunset Street Bike

Other sets

41134 Heartlake Performance School

41232 Super Hero High School

41068 Arendelle Castle Celebration

41124 Heartlake Puppy Daycare

41231 Harley Quinn to the rescue

41230 Batgirl Batjet Chase

41128 Amusement Park Space Ride

41233 Lashina Tank

41307 Olivia’s Creative Lab

41308 Stephanie’s Friendship Cakes

41230 Batgirl Batjet Chase

41305 Emma’s Photo Studio

41303 Puppy Playground

41304 Puppy Treats & Tricks

41143 Berry’s Kitchen