LEGO Modular Buildings List 2020

LEGO’s series of Creator Expert Modular Buildings started in 2007 and has since skyrocketed in popularity with LEGO fans, both young and old. The advanced building techniques, unique designs, and connectable nature of the sets make them a collector’s dream and every single one has appreciated greatly in price after retirement. Visit the Official LEGO Online Shop!

LEGO Modular Buildings Timeline

The following graph shows the lifespans of all modular buildings, both retired ones and currently available sets. Using this data from past sets, we can better assess the retirement risk of currently available modular buildings.

Current LEGO Modular Buildings

LEGO 10255 Assembly Square

Released: January 2017

The twelfth set of the modular buildings is a particularly large one — 10255 Assembly Square includes 4002 pieces and a three-building plaza containing a bakery, florist, cafe, music store, photography studio, dance studio, dental office, and an apartment.

LEGO 10260 Downtown Diner

Released: January 2018

The thirteenth set of the modular buildings is a particularly large one — 10260 Downtown Diner includes 2480 pieces. A three-store building with a 1950s-style diner in the first level, a gym on the second level and a recording studio on the third. Includes 6 minifigures and a pink convertible car.

LEGO 10264 Corner Garage

Released: January 2019

The fourteenth set of the modular buildings — 10264 Corner Garage includes 2569 pieces. Similar to the Downtown Diner, the set resembles that of a 50s-style American building. Its first floor is made up of the garage, the second floor has a veterinarian’s office, and the third floor is an apartment with roof access.

LEGO 10270 Bookstore

The fifteenth set of the modular buildings — 10270 Bookstore includes 2504 pieces. The 3-story bookshop includes a display window, bookshelves, reading nook and living spaces in the townhouse. 5 minifigures included.

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Retired LEGO Modular Buildings

LEGO 10243 Parisian Restaurant

Released: January 2014

LEGO 10243 Parisian Restaurant came out in January 2014 as the ninth modular building. The unique design of this set features more intricate detailing throughout, at the expense of the overall size of the building, which is smaller than previous modules.

LEGO 10246 Detective’s Office

Released: January 2015

The tenth modular building emerged in January 2015 in the form of 10246 Detective’s Office. Comprised of a pool hall, detective’s office, and barber shop, this set features an entire backstory based around ‘cookie smuggling’.

LEGO 10251 Brick Bank

Released: January 2016

10251 Brick Bank is the eleventh entry in the modular buildings series. Released on January 1, 2016, the Brick Bank features a classic bank design and an adjacent laundromat for laundering of both clothes and money.

LEGO 10232 Palace Cinema

Released: March 2013

The eighth building in the series, LEGO 10232 Palace Cinema has been available since March 2013. It was the third corner building to be released, and the first modular building set that incorporated stickers into the design.

LEGO 10218 Pet Shop

Released: May 2011

LEGO 10218 Pet Shop was the sixth modular building and released in May 2011. It is unique in that it is actually two smaller buildings, a townhouse and a pet shop with loft, that can be separated from each other.

LEGO 10224 Town Hall

Released: March 2012

LEGO 10224 Town Hall is the largest modular building, with a whopping 2766 pieces. It had an unusually short lifespan for a modular, as it was released in March 2012 and became unavailable in late 2014, and was officially labeled as a Retired Product by LEGO in early 2015. The size of this unique set and its short life caused its post-retirement value to skyrocket very quickly.

LEGO 10211 Grand Emporium

Released: March 2010

Released in 2010, LEGO 10211 Grand Emporium was the fifth modular building and the second corner building. Featuring three floors linked by escalators, the Grand Emporium offered a unique, if familiar, rendition of a traditional urban department store. Other features of note include a revolving door, sizeable chandelier, and a large rooftop billboard.

LEGO 10197 Fire Brigade

Released: September 2009

The fourth in the series, 10197 Fire Brigade was the first modular building to include a vehicle in the form of a classic 1930’s fire engine. The building itself is detailed with red and grey brick architecture and features a garage for the fire engine, fireman’s pole, and rooftop bell. The Fire Brigade was the first modular building to be stockpiled in large amounts by resellers and is considerably less rare and expensive than it’s predecessor, the Green Grocer.

LEGO 10185 Green Grocer

Released: March 2008

10185 Green Grocer was the third modular building and is a highly sought after set by collectors. Released before the modular building series became as popular as it is today, the Green Grocer commands a very high price today for both sealed and used examples that will likely only continue to rise.

LEGO 10190 Market Street

Released: October 2007

While some do not consider it to be a true part of the modular buildings line, due to the fact that it was a fan-created set, 10190 Market Street is an official LEGO set that interconnects with the other modular buildings in the series. With only 1248 pieces, it is the smallest modular building and this, combined with the fan-created nature of the set, has led Market Street to be ignored by some collectors. Nonetheless, the rarity of this second entry in the modulars line has made it very valuable.

LEGO 10182 Cafe Corner

Released: October 2007

The set that started it all, LEGO 10182 Cafe Corner is a cafe and hotel combined into an attractive corner building. In addition to being the first in the series, Cafe Corner is also unique in that it does not have a finished interior like the other modular buildings. This has not affected its resale prices, however, as the exterior of the building more than compensates and being the first in a long line of in-demand collectibles has made 10182 Cafe Corner tremendously valuable.


  1. Pet Shop now needs the little retired symbol and its bar length should stop as of today.

    • Detective Office and brickbank are also retired as of now. Parisian Restaurant is still avaliable…

        • I think they printed too many Parisian Restaurants to be honest. Detective Office and the Brick Bank have the most interested builds and stories and details compared to every other set. Just look at the prices now… These two sets will be worth big dollars in a decade because of the way both changed LEGO sets.

    • Parisian Restaurant and Downtown Diner are both possible candidates.

  2. Why do sets have to retire it just doesn’t make sense, and not fair for others who can’t buy the set.

  3. Corner Garage is now available since January 2019
    As for Detective Office and Brickbank, both are retired as of the end of 2018

  4. hi, i think there should be a police office with cells for the brick bank criminals and anyone else that we want to put in.

  5. Can you write about the Lego knockoffs? Good versus bad.

  6. So…I was searching for the Green Grocer and came across a listing on for $84. Supposedly new pieces in sealed bags with instructions, just the box isn’t included. Should I assume it’s too good to be true?

    • Not sure about the particular seller you mentioned in your comment. However, looks like there are a lot of counterfeit LEGO sets on that website. So be careful!

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