LEGO Retiring Soon 2020

Below is a list of LEGO sets that are at risk of retiring soon in and around the 2018 calendar year. It is organized into sets that are at high risk of retiring soon, medium risk, and low risk. Note that LEGO retirement dates are not an exact science and all sets that have been available for sufficiently long can be discontinued at any time, with no notice. Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment below. Visit the Official LEGO Online Shop! [Updated: 1/24/2020]

LEGO Retiring Soon 2020 — High Risk

75159 Death Star

21316 The Flintstones

21318 Tree House

21317 Steamboat Willie

21319 Central Perk

21320 Dinosaur Fossils

10255 Assembly Square

71040 Disney Castle

10261 Roller Coaster

75954 Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

LEGO Retiring Soon 2020 — Medium Risk

75192 Millennium Falcon

42083 Bugatti Chiron

LEGO Retiring Soon 2020 — Low Risk

10260 Downtown Diner


  1. Is 75251 Darth Vader’s Castle retiring? it’s listed out of stock on

    • This set is out of stock in the US and Canada. Also, it is marked as back-ordered in the European market. So we think it will be retired very soon!

    • It’s not retired it’s just out of stock when sets are out of stock that means is temporarily out of those sets but there will be more in the future

    • Thank you very much for the comment!

      Harry Potter is a great idea.

      For the camper, we were hesitated to include it since we have included it in the last couple of years. But this set is retired in the British market, we also strongly thing this set will be retired this year.

        • For 10262 Aston Martin, other sets in this series has about 1 – 1.5 year span, so we think this set will have similar time span. Especially this is a movie licensed product, so we think this set may not have a long lifespan. For example: 10187 Volkswagen Beetle, 10248 Ferrari F40.

          For 10258 London Bus, this is really hard to predict. This set can have a extra long lifespan like VW Camper or normal lifespan like F40. 🤔

  2. Hi, When will the Saturn V rocket be retiring? We are hoping to buy it in the next week or 2 once we’ve been paid.

    • Saturn V is labeled as ‘Retiring Soon’ on LEGO Online. So we expect the set will be retired very soon. Depends on the popularity of the set, usually when a retiring soon set will generally be sold out in two to three months. So if you like this set, buy it as soon as possible. However, there are exceptions, like the TV Batman set… That set took almost a year before LEGO able to sell all the remaining stocks.

  3. Hello.
    When will
    Roller Coaster – 10261 Retiring ?
    Vestas Wind Turbine – 10268 Retiring?

    And how long time will the Disney Castle be aviable?

    • LEGO released 10261 Roller Coaster in Jun 2018 and will be in the market for two years soon. Sets in the LEGO Creator Fairground series generally had about 1 to 2-year lifespans, like 10244 Fairground Mixer and 10196 Grand Carousel. With very few exceptions, for example – 10247 Ferris Wheel (3 years). So we said this is very possible this set will be retired this year.

      As for 10268, it is very difficult to predict…

  4. Lego 75192 Millennium Falcon any new idea how much of a risk this one is from retiring and do “retiring soon” sets usually go on sale right before selling out? I really want this set but admit that price has kept me from buying it even though I’ve spend probably 10X that on multiple sets.

    • Thanks for the comment. This set released in Jan 2018, so we predict that this set will have at least one more year lifespan.

      Regarding “retiring soon” sets go on sale question, this really depends. Usually, the sets that go on sale before they retired are the less popular ones. So We are not saying 75192 will never go on sale, but we think this is highly unlikely. Keep your eye on the set, may be it will be discounted someday. However, only LEGO will know for sure 🙂

  5. Hi, when will these set’s be retiring?
    Lego Overwatch 75971
    Lego Ninjago 70661
    And how long will the dinosaur rampage set 75936 be retiring? Thanks

  6. When do you think Downtown Diner or Corner Garage will retire? I am especially wondering if the Corner Garage will retire earlier than the usual trend, as it seems to be a lot more unpopular. Thanks!

    • Both sets you had mentioned are pretty new, so we still think Assembly Square will be retired first. You don’t like the Corner Garage 😁. Since LEGO doesn’t release any sales figures, so we don’t know the popularity of this set.

      With that said, your comment is possible too! We still remember what happened to Detective’s Office and Brick Bank!

      • it’s time for Assembly Square to retire, it’s quite possible that Corner Garage retire before Diner… but not before next year

  7. What do you think about the remaining 20th anniversary sets, especially Slave I?

    • We are not sure. However based on the recent Star Wars sets’ lifespan, we said about a year… Btw, it is “out of stock” in UK, Germany and France.

  8. Betrayal at Cloud City is no longer on LEGO Shop Website. Also, the AT-AP Walker is “sold out”, however it doesn’t say Temporarily Out Of Stock which suggests it has been Discontinued as Vader’s Castle says it’s Temporarily Out Of Stock .

  9. Hi, any more insight on the LEGO Disney Castle 71040? I was about to order it on backorder on the Disney Store website, but when I added it to my cart it said it was sold out. It’s temporarily sold out on the Lego website.

  10. What about the 21315 Pop-Up Book? Wasn’t that released in 2018?

  11. Hi everyone!

    What do you think how COVID-19 would affect retiring set for lego ? There are many out of stock from, people are buying more, but lego cannot produce as before.

    Do you think that this crisis could break some predicted lifespan ?
    e.g. Assembly square already retiring in june ?

    There are little new lego (maybe there are coming later during third quarter), if the trend continue, lego could keep some lego one year more, to keep a diversity and his sales ?
    So guys what do you think ?

    • The virus definitely causes a lot of sets out of stock. We see a lot of people who don’t usually build LEGO sets buying them.

  12. Lego Mindstorms EV3 showing as retiring on the US site. It seems sets are retiring earlier than the traditional end of year slot.

      • I think this will gain value fairly quickly once retired, there aren’t any equivalent concepts out there. One for investors maybe.

  13. Hi what do you think about the Hogwarts castle 71043, really wanted to get it this year but out of stock at Lego across the board. Will it likely be back in stock or could it have retired already ?

    • On the website, it said “temporarily out of stock”. Usually, there should be restocked one more time before it is finally retired.

    • We think this set is out of stock because of the overall high demand for LEGO sets. We think this set will back in stock sometime this year… Good luck.

  14. lego said that
    “…During the past few months we have seen a strong demand for our products as families and hobbyists turn to building to help them get through this difficult period. As a result, we have been working incredibly hard to make sure that our products are available online in our stores and our retail partners’ ecommerce sites.

    We have been fortunate that our factories in Europe and Asia continue to operate. Our factory in Mexico has been closed for the past few weeks after the Mexican government ordered all non-essential manufacturing sites to close while the country focussed on preventing the spread of the virus. We have been using our full global supply chain to ship products to all markets and fulfil orders as best as possible.

    While COVID has created a very dynamic and uncertain environment, at this stage it hasn’t impacted decisions about when to retire products…”

    • Thank you for sharing. This is good to know people are having some joy while in this situation. We hope everyone stays safe!

  15. A must to get 10255 ASAP.
    Its market value will certainly rise a lot when it retires.

  16. Hi
    Should I expect that the 75257 Millennium Falcon will be retired in the near future? I mean in the next year or half. (Would like to get it by the summer, I hope it wont be running out till.)

  17. When will the 75192 millenium falcom set be retiring?
    On it says it is temporarily out of stock
    does this mean its retiring?

  18. Hello, Do you think Hogwarts Great Hall 75954 will be retired soon? It says on the Lego website, ‘Temporarily out of stock’. Is it likely it will come back into stock? I really want it.

    • We think this set is out of stock because of the overall high demand for LEGO sets. We think this set will back in stock sometime this year… Good luck.

  19. Does anyone thing the Tree House set will be a good investmet

  20. Any idea about the Lego Treehouse 21318 – my son really wants it for his birthday in August but it is out of stock at Lego online! I hope it doesn’t retire before then and comes back in stock!

    • This is hard to say as a lot of sets are temporary out of stock on LEGO… The only place is available is second market like eBay. However, of course, the price is inflated. Good luck and happy birthday to your son.

    • I’ve been a Lego shop, in London, that has recently opened and they have the Treehouse in stock.

  21. I would expect the Vestas wind turbine to be on the chopping block soon enough, and the current passenger and cargo trains too.

  22. what is happening to the production of he bookshop,10270, prices are inflated everywhere. Will Lego continue or discontinue this item. Is it up for retirement? I would really like to purchase this set,10270.

    • We understand how you feel. This is hard to guess since too many sets are out of stock. With that said, since 10270 is so new, we don’t expect this set will be retiring soon…

    • The bookshop set 10270 is currently available on the UK Lego website,

  23. Recently got back into LEGOs and was wondering on the retiring sets, when in the year does it usually become official that a set is retiring, how much time from when it becomes official to when it is definitively retired (or sold out), and does it usually go on sale?

    Interested in the Assembly Square, and saw last year that the Parisian Restaurant was on sale when it was officially retiring.

    • Typical, LEGO announced the retiring sets in July and the end of the year. When a set is marked as retiring soon, it will stop producing the set. Depends on the reminding stocks, it usually takes one to two months for the sets until it is permanently retired. For some unpopular sets, it can take more than six months.

      So for modular buildings, they usually sold out very fast!

  24. When does LEGO typically announce sets being retired, and how long from announcement until a set is fully retired (or sold out)? Do sets being retired usually go on sale too?

    I’m looking at the Assembly Square given you indicated it might be retired, last year I saw the Parisian Restaurant on sale when it was being retired.

    • Typical, LEGO announced the retiring sets in July and the end of the year. When a set is marked as retiring soon, it will stop producing the set. Depends on the reminding stocks, it usually takes one to two months for the sets until it is permanently retired. For some unpopular sets, it can take more than six months.

      So for modular buildings, they usually sold out very fast!

      • Thanks! Do you know if the retiring modulars tend to go on sale? Imagine they get snatched up super quick if it’s the case. Or was the Parisian Restaurant retiring sale a one off thing?

  25. Lots of Lego are coming relabeled (white label) on the original EU box. Does this a concern for USA collectors?

  26. Betrayal at Cloud City™ 75222 is back in stock online UK. It’s also marked as retiring.

  27. I can’t see Lego retiring the Treehouse, it has been OOS pretty much since it was released here in Australia. Why retire any set if you can’t maintain stock levels to keep up with demand? Not sure why you have it marked as a high risk of retiring?

  28. All of these will end this year
    10260 Downtown Diner
    10256 Taj Mahal
    10220 Volkswagen T1
    75159 Death Star
    10252 Volkswagen Beetle
    21318 Tree House
    75954 Hogwarts Great Hall
    75953 Hogwarts Whomping Willow
    42082 Rough Terrain Crane
    42096 Porsche 911 RSR
    42098 Car Transporter
    21316 The Flintstones
    21317 Steamboat Willie
    75244 Tantive IV
    All the Hidden Side sets also.

  29. Do you think the jurassic park gate with the t-rex and barracuda bay will retire soon because i’m planning on getting them soon.
    I know these weren’t on the list but just want to know if things changed.

  30. Do you think the Hogwarts Castle and/or Batmobile 1989 set will be retired soon?

  31. Hi can someone tell me if LEGO 71043 Hogwarts Castle will retire this year? Please!

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