LEGO Villa Savoye Retired in Europe

LEGO Villa Savoye quietly retired on LEGO Europe Shop at Home today which signifies worldwide retirement is coming soon. This is very helpful news for LEGO collectors and investors in North America, as 21014 Villa Savoye is  but they now have advance warning of it retiring soon. We have seen this in the past, where a set retires first in one region and subsequently retires in all regions —  is a great, recent example of this. 21014 Villa Savoye is a medium-sized set from LEGO’s Architecture series featuring 660 pieces. Villa Savoye is a landmark in the suburbs of Paris designed by world renowned Swiss architect Le Corbusier and is a prime example of early modernist architecture. LEGO’s set is a faithful recreation of this building and a welcome addition to any architecture enthusiast’s collection. Despite having excellent collectible and investment values, LEGO’s Architecture theme has flown under the radar with many opting to invest in other, more mainstream themes like Star Wars and modular buildings. However, the audience captured by the architecture theme is dominated by adult professionals who appreciate the tasteful displays of these sets and possess the necessary income to purchase them. With this in mind, it is almost certainly worth adding 21014 Villa Savoye to your collection if you wish to diversify beyond the more mainstream LEGO themes.

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    • Tower of Orthanc was already retired in the EU since early August. It was only a matter of time for ToO to retire in the US & Canada as well. 🙂

      Regarding the Villa of Savoye, the MSRP in The Netherlands was €69,99. It’s still available at 3rd party retailers for the MSRP price. Thinking whether I should grab it before it’s sold out …

  1. Birds- Ideas set sold out in the UK. Confirmed as deleted by Lego employee (take with pinch of salt).
    Ecto-1 kept on due to HQ coming out January.

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