LEGO Fairground Mixer Retiring Soon

LEGO is continuing their recent trend of announcing which sets are retiring soon, and one of the latest, most notable entries is set . This set is potentially the first in a longer-running fairground theme, and as such, is worth taking a close look at before it retires.

LEGO 10244 Fairground Mixer

LEGO’s Fairground Mixer is a set in the Creator Expert line, and it is a big set by piece count but not as big in terms of the size of the finished display model. There are 1746 pieces included in the box, which is a substantial number, and an even more substantial 12 minifigures. The set itself models a traditional, travelling fair and includes such attractions as a dunking booth, a ticket stand, a juggler on stilts, a “swing the hammer” type game, as well as some trucks to haul all of this around. Also included, of course, is the mixer itself, which is a typical “scrambler” amusement park ride. The ride itself can be powered by LEGO’s power functions (sold separately), or turned manually with a hand crank built into the set.

Is the Fairground Mixer Worth Buying?

At first glance, the Fairground Mixer may not capture the interest of many adult LEGO fans. While it does include many parts, it does not form a large, cohesive model like many other Creator Expert sets, and there may be too many play features for people who are simply looking for something to put on display. On the other hand, it does pair well with other sets such as  and if LEGO continues to produce more sets in this fairground/amusement park theme, the Fairground Mixer will be the first in the line and potentially the most rare at some point down the road. It may not be the best set in the lineup, but collectors who want their collection to be complete would certainly be in the market for this set. Overall, the Fairground Mixer seems unlikely to be the best performing set that retires this year, but there is nonetheless solid potential here if LEGO continues to produce more amusement park style Creator Expert sets.

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  1. Fairground Mixer got a good review by JANGBRICKS, but I’m not sold on it. To me it lacks displayability and it looks too much like an expanded Lego City set than a Creator Advanced set. It may gain value in the longer run, but I’m passing on this set.

    • Big freakin mistake dude, I felt the same
      At first and kicked my self for not buying it for $180 Canadian , now paying $320. The trucks stance is awesome , they look so chunky !! . Everything packs so well, the design is out of this world . The trucks remind me of Europeans trucks .

  2. It’s the Santa’s Factory that’s retiring soon.
    Check out all the Creator sets that are also retiring soon such as the Beach Hut, Changing Seasons, etc…

  3. Also, just made a quick search around a bunch of theme’s and I’m amazed at the amount os sets that are marked as “retiring soon” and how many of them are already “out of stock”.

  4. Retiring Soon banner removed from Winter Holiday Train on s@h UK (though it was certainly on there for a couple of days because I was considering buying it)

  5. Yeh, winter holiday train no longer marked as retiring soon. If you go on lego website and type retiring soon you’ll see lots of sets retiring.

    • Yes, that’s what I also think…
      Amazing how many sets are tagged as retiring soon.
      Is it like this every year?

  6. I think the merry-go-round should be the first set in the amusement line. It’s very expensive to buy now.

  7. Agreed the Grand Carousel set without doubt is a classic.

    Although it’s unlikely that the Fairground Mixer will supersede the popularity of the Carousel, nonetheless it’s unique function abilities and clever design idea combined could make it a winning set in the long run.

  8. Grand Carousel is a classic. The Fairground Mixer along with the Ferris Wheel make for a very nice Amusement Park. Hope TLG continues the theme. I can see the Ferris Wheel doing very well after retirement.

  9. I can still get this product for a reasonable price, should I go for it as an investment?

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