LEGO Santa’s Workshop Retiring: ‘Tis the (Final) Season?

LEGO Santa’s Workshop was a refreshing entry into the company’s line of Christmas holiday-themed sets in 2014. Since then the set has been a popular seasonal choice for collectors and investors alike and will almost certainly appreciate well after retirement. But when is 10245 retiring? Santa’s Workshop is a medium-sized set that includes 883 pieces and six minifigures. Those six minifigures are Santa, his wife Mrs. Claus, and four elves that each have their own unique clothing and facial expressions. The build itself is comprised of a number of smaller builds that complement the main building, which is Santa’s workshop and home, of course. These include Santa’s sleigh, five brick-built reindeer, a toy building machine, a Christmas tree, and a “North Pole” sign. Overall there are lots to like here and this is a set that displays very well, both on its own and in a collection with other winter village and seasonal LEGO sets.

When is LEGO Santa’s Workshop Retiring?

LEGO Santa’s Workshop was first released in September of 2014. The initial production was sold out by Christmas and LEGO did not produce any more of the sets in early 2015, since it naturally does not sell well outside of the winter season. LEGO has now for the 2015 holiday season but previous winter set lifespans to indicate that this could be the last season of availability for Santa’s Workshop. More specifically, the first two winter village sets were available for three holiday seasons, but the most recent three winter village entries have been available for only two holiday seasons. If Santa’s Workshop continues this trend, then 2015 will be the last season for this excellent holiday set before it retires.

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  1. Also, in looking at previously retired Christmas Village sets, they don’t seem to really go up much in value. Unless I’m just looking at the wrong information.

  2. I own five new and one used for my Christmas village display.
    My wife bought it when it was released and I didn’t enjoy it that much. In fact she even built the whole thing.
    But now that I’m into Lego investing and starting my own collection I see this set as a GREAT set to own. I’ve read great review’s it.
    Seasonal’s are great investments, they occur every year so we remember there’s Christmas every year! Every year we search for Lego’s during Christmas, either for ourselves or for presents and hopefully this set will pop up every year. Think that in two or three years there won’t be that many available…

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