LEGO Tower Bridge Retiring Silently?

LEGO 10214 Tower Bridge has flown under the radar this year when compared to other sets that are approaching retirement. There have been many stock shortages for Tower Bridge this year at various retailers but 10214 still has not attracted the same attention as other sets like the Death Star or Pet Shop. Savvy collectors and investors, however, have realized the value in this set and the high likelihood of LEGO Tower Bridge retiring soon. LEGO’s Tower Bridge is an intricately detailed rendition of the iconic landmark in London. As of this writing, it is the third-largest set (by piece count) that LEGO has ever produced. At 4287 pieces, the Tower Bridge is absolutely massive and a very lengthy build. The aesthetic value of this set is very high and it’s a great conversation starter when on display.

When is LEGO Tower Bridge Retiring?

LEGO 10214 Tower Bridge has been available for nearly five years now. By LEGO standards, that is a very long lifespan and for most sets, that would strongly indicate that retirement is imminent. Large landmark models like this have historically been extremely desirable and the selling prices of sets like  and  indicate that 10214 Tower Bridge could become very valuable after retirement. The bottom line is: This set is huge, it’s an iconic landmark and it’s been available for five years. Collectors and investors should not risk missing out on this one, so if you want LEGO Tower Bridge, you should  because the risk of retirement for this set is very high.

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  1. Hello ,

    Are you sure for the Tower bridge . Recently Creator Expert box .
    Think it will be available in 2016 too, unitil a new landmark set … or this is a lego-bluff 🙂

    • Hi Rikkko,
      I think the new box will extend the lifespan of the Tower Bridge somewhat. However, it is still an older set that has been available for a long time, so it will always be at significant risk of retiring anytime. When a set is 5+ years old, you should buy it if you want it because you cannot count on it staying around for too much longer.

  2. I agree. I think this is on its way out. I really like this set. I think the piece count is good with a great price for retail. I see this as an iconic landmark with great appeal after the retirement. I see it hitting 200% 1 year after and 300% 3 years after.

  3. New Grand Scale Architecture set Big Ben coming next year. So in my opinion it’s more likely the SOH wil go first. As the tower bridge will compliment the Big Ben set.

  4. The big ben shape and colour look similar to the sides of the tower bridge, so will the big ben compliment the bridge or will lego retire tower bridge instead so two similar type of landmarks are not running at the same time any thoughts?

    Also what impact does new expert box have on retirement ?

  5. I don’t think they will retire the both TB or either SOH in 2016. As long as they are lucrative without paying any copyright fee to any subjects. So Ben Ben will be the compliment the TB as so. Thus, let see and wait 🙂

  6. I have asked myself the same question, which one will be out first TB or SOH. TB, as Return rightly mentioned has recently had a new box design but SOH has not had a new box design (not at the moment anyway).

    I initially thought this was due to the fact SOH had Expert stated on it so didnt need a new box design however this is not necessairly the case.
    Also from a recent discovery I noticed the batch codes on at least one of the SOH that I purcashed in store is 47S5. The first two numbers are the week of the calender year and the last number is the actual year, so in this case it was produced on the 47th week of 2015 ie November 2015. How do I know this? Do some research on previous lego products that were recalled in the past and you will be able to see how their batch codes work. Also bear in mind do not use batch codes to predict retirement dates, I have only used on this occassion because SOH is a licensed product and just to compare inventary production time scales.

    We know SOH was first launced in September 2013 so assuming the license period ran out last year September it would make no sense for Lego to produce a new batch at the end of the two year period ‘potentially’. This makes me very certain Lego has agreed the brand license for more than two years possibly three years ie thats why they are still producing more recent stock of it.

    Meanwhile SOH is not as popular as TB, therefore it is ‘highly likely’ it will retire before TB. Equally it would really surprise me if Lego even considered extending their potential three year contract with SOH especially as there is no new box design and it does not sell as well as TB.

    From my observations TB is selling like hot cakes I do not think they have plans on retiring it anytime soon, especially with the new box design. They also have no fees to pay a third party with TB, I think the executives are going to run with this one, in fact they have been doing so for the last 5 years. Indeed all things eventually come to an end and as more recent collecter I personally feel I went in too early with TB. I believe it would be ok to say it should still be around at least until the end of this year but as for SOH, if you are thinking of buying, I would not wait too long as stock will get harder to obtain nearer the time potentially before Legos next retirement period (around the middle of the year or sooner). Although they may not even retire it before September 2016 but just let stock run out until nearer the time!

  7. I don’t plan on regretting my decision 4 years from now when either of these sets tops a grand. I plan on getting Tower bridge first, Sydney Opera House, and then Slave 1. All within this year. Get a part time job if you young guys need money to get sets like these. I’m in the Guard so each month I get 200 bucks. Remember though money invested is money you don’t need. I should have the sets by this summer.

    If I had to choose one set that would flourish quickly it would be the Sydney Opera House. Why? Because no one is really paying attention to it. Piece count not amazing, over priced, short lifespan. Tower Bridge over 4k pieces, price is perfect, 6 years and counting. Meaning there are tons of TB stored underneath beds across the world. TB holders that have held on to the set for awhile will want to get rid of it as soon as it retires. Slave I is a great set, its Star Wars, duh. If the set retires this year fine, but you wont see it sky rocket, not until the Bobba Fett movie comes out, 3 years?

    What do I know though? I just started getting into this Lego investing thing, and I am a tad tipsy. Best of luck though guys.

    • Edster you are completely right. Sydney Opera house is retired and valued at $500 as of September 2017. Meanwhile, TB is still going strong 🙂

  8. Hey guys, I’m by no means a Lego expert just an amateur collector that’s just recently started collecting. Does Lego store let people know when they are retiring a set? Just I’m hoping to get a few sets this year but don’t want to get Tower Bridge set until about October-December time. I don’t want them to pull it from the shelves so to speak and then I miss out.

  9. I wonder what the effect of the big Ben will be on the retirement of this.

  10. Hey guys, I have the Tower Bridge and am thinking about selling it. I will definitely sell it AFTER it retires, but I’m not sure how long to wait for. Any ideas?

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