Ride the Roller Coaster 10261 before it is retired?

Ride the Roller Coaster 10261 before it is retired? LEGO Creator Expert 10261 Roller Coaster is a great looking set with a fully functional roller coaster! It includes a ticket booth, cotton candy cart, concession stand, and height marker. The covered boarding station is completed with opening barriers and a control panel. Features a ticket booth, fountain, cotton candy cart, concession stand, waiting area with bench, camera element, and a pond with a frog figure. This set includes 11 minifigures: a cotton candy vendor, 2 ride attendants, 2 grandparents with their granddaughter, and 5 riders. 8 of these minifigures have reversible heads with different expressions. You can pair the set with LEGO Power Functions for a motorized chain lift!

Will LEGO Creator Expert 10261 Roller Coaster retire this year?

LEGO released 10261 Roller Coaster in Jun 2018, and it will be in the market for two years soon. Sets in the LEGO Creator Fairground series generally had about 1 to 2-year lifespans, like 10244 Fairground Mixer and 10196 Grand Carousel, and 10257 Carousel. With very few exceptions, for example – 10247 Ferris Wheel (3 years).  So we said this is possible LEGO will retire this set this year.

Is the Roller Coaster 10261 Worth Buying?

At first glance, the Roller Coaster is a massive set-piece (4124 pieces to be exact 😊). This set has a lot of surprises and features that make playing with it fun and kids will surely like it. It is also gorgeous to look at for those who are simply looking for something to put on display. With this set won the Toy Association’s Toy of The Year Award in 2019, It is arguably the best set in the fairground series. So, Roller Coaster is likely to be an excellent performing set with solid potential here!  On the other hand, it does pair well with other sets such as 10247 Ferris Wheel As LEGO continues to produce more sets in this fairground/amusement park theme, the many people like to collect different fairground sets to complete their theme park Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Modular buildings like Diner is large, this roller coaster is very large. From the business’ point of view, Lego does not want to keep it in its store for too long, it won’t sell quickly, while occupying a lot of area, that’s why it’s likely to retire very soon. In the opening of a new Lego store nearby, this set was on the shelf, but no one was looking at it.

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