Is 75095 Tie Fighter Retiring to the Galaxy Far Far Away?

75095 Tie Fighter Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) LEGO is part of the Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series (UCS). It has been featured in many of the battle scenes in the Star Wars movies. LEGO 75095 Tie Fighter is a large-size set that weighing in at 1685 pieces. It features an opening top hatch and an exclusive TIE Fighter Pilot minifigure with a blaster pistol. A display stand with an informative fact plaque to mount the model on. It measures 18.5” (47cm) high × 12” (30.6cm) long × 12.2” (31cm) wide.

Is 75095 Tie Fighter Retiring?

LEGO 75095 Tie Fighter has now been available for approximately two and a half years. We have seen large Star Wars sets in the past retire after having lifespans of between 2.5 and 3 years. The most recent examples being and . Using history of similar products, we should consider 75095 Tie Fighter to be at a high risk of retiring soon and it is very likely that it will retire in 2017. The more suitable question is will it retire at the end of the year or could it be sooner than that? Most retirements tend to occur at the end of the year, but some sets, such as had retired in the middle of the calendar year. This set only includes one minifigure may hurt it post-retirement value. However, it is worth noting that this set features the Ultimate Collectors Series (UCS) logo on the box may help its post-retirement value. In any case, many collectors and investors will want to pick this one up sooner than later.  

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  1. Would be interesting to see 75095 TIE Fighter go before 75060 Slave 1 which was released earlier.
    Funny that 75060 has an RRP of €199,99 for 1996 LEGO pieces while 75095 has a (Dutch) RRP of €229,99 for 1685 LEGO pieces. And 75060 has four minifigs as well!
    Which I think explains why Slave-1 is selling much better than the UCS TIE Fighter, and that’s probably the reason why it’s retiring sooner.

  2. I have 3 of these. If this does go later this year then I personally feel this was a good investment. Not the most popular UCS but a UCS non the less. Could be a sleeper but who knows.

  3. I concur Hayo, my money is on the Slave -1 retiring before the Tiefighter, once Lego announces the new UCS.

  4. have a few Tie’s socked away. debating a few more but just not sure how much of a bounce it will get once it’s gone.

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