LEGO Announced A Massive List of Retiring Sets On The Europe Site

We noticed that a massive amount of sets are marked as “Retiring Soon” on the LEGO Europe site, a total of 206 sets to be exact. Usually, when LEGO retires sets in one region, other regions will follow. Some of the sets are already sold out in the U.S. shop, so that may indicate that LEGO will retire them soon in the U.S. market too. So if you are interested in any of the sets on the list, then you better act fast! Although this list is massive, however, there are no big surprises. We have predicted the sets such us Silent Mary, Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Old Fishing Store will be retiring this year. Old set like Tower Bridge is finally retiring after more than eight years in the markets. All three LEGO Ideas sets on the list have about one-year lifespan, which is the typical lifespan of the sets in that series. This is a little unexpected for the Brick Bank and Detective’s Office retiring before Parisian Restaurant. Both sets were released after the Parisian Restaurant. Especially for Brick Bank which only in the market for two years. Guess those two sets are not selling very well. Below are the sets that will be retiring in Europe: Star Wars, Modular Buildings, Ideas, Minecraft, Pixar, City, Creator, Ninjago, Architecture, Technic, Marvel, Speed Champions, Others, Duplo

Star Wars

Modular Buildings










Speed Champions




Retiring Sets


  1. Notably: no Ninjago Movie Destiny’s Bounty; or more predictably, no Ninjago City.
    Two excellent, great value sets that I’m glad will be around for more people to have the chance to grab: and possibly for some of us who already have to grab a second.

    Kypto Team Up already?

    • Both Destiny’s Bounty and Ninjago City are only one year in the market, so we think they will have at least one more year lifespan. BTW, they are great sets. Good choice!

      • May I ask you; what do you think of this seemingly shortening shelf life in general? I recall a few SW sets lasting 8-9 months a few years back but so many listed above came out as recently as January.

        Regarding the Ninjago Movie (which of all sets I would have excepted a shorter lifespan due to the movie’s limited success): Didn’t all the sets come out August or later? City was September and a couple December; yet they are all retiring except City and Bounty; the longest surviving of the Ninjago movie so far.
        (Docks an obvious exception).
        I just think it is interesting; City is a more logical choice to last a while, being a modular and initial store exclusive and….
        However, Bounty was a regular release. I wonder if its due to popularity? It can’t have undersold and they simply have a ton left.
        I guess I’m just hoping that it’s quality is noticed and we might get more ships…..

        • Happy Thanksgiving from the US. Were you able to get any LEGO sets during the last weekend?

          Regarding the Star Wars sets, since Disney is releasing one Star Wars movie every year, LEGO has to make room for the sets of the new movie. So we think the new sets will have a short lifespan, especially the sets that are not about the original trilogy. The “non-original-trilogy” sets seem to be least popular than the “original-trilogy” sets.

          For Ninjago set, we think you are right… The movie wasn’t performing well, so that hurts the sale of the Ninjago sets.

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