LEGO Announced A List of Retiring Soon Sets

A list of sets is marked as “Retiring Soon” on both LEGO US and Europe sites. LEGO usually announces the list of retiring soon sets in the summer and winter! So this is that time of the year again! Many of them are even on-sale in Amazon right now! So if you are interested in any of the sets on the list, then you better act fast! Also, many thanks to our fans for letting us know about the retiring list! 21030 United States Capitol Building Kit Many of the sets are in the market for a while already, so there are no big surprises there (For example: 21030 United States Capitol Building and  10243 Parisian Restaurant). Set like 80103 Chinese Dragon Boat Race, which is a seasonal set, is expecting to have a one-year lifespan.  75220 Sandcrawler is a smaller set and is not expected to be available for long anyway. Mest of the new Star Wars movie sets (SW movies that released after 2015) have about a one-year lifespan, so the retirement of 75230 Porg should not surprise anyone. Below are the sets that will be retiring in the US soon:

Star Wars

Modular Buildings






Retiring Sets

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  1. Please inform me if any LEGO sets that are retiring

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