LEGO Netherlands Released A List of Retiring Soon Sets for 2020

LEGO Netherlands has released a list of retiring soon sets on the online store. Many of them are matching the list we had reported in our previous post — List of LEGO sets to be retired before the end of 2020.

To all LEGO fans, when LEGO retires sets in one region, usually other regions will follow. Some of the sets are already sold out in the U.S. shop, which may indicate that LEGO will soon retire in the U.S. market. So if you are interested in any of the sets on the list, then you better act fast!

Thank you for the reader, that wishes to remind anonymous, for sharing the tip with us!

Below are the sets from LEGO Netherland Retiring Soon list. (NOTE: Sets that marked with * means they are not listed in the previous post):

Star Wars

75235 X-wing Starfighter Trench Run

75239 Action Battle Hoth Generator Attack
75241 Action Battle Echo Base Defence
75242 Black Ace TIE Interceptor
75243 Slave I – 20th Anniversary Edition
75265 T-16 Skyhopper vs Bantha Microfighters


21039 Shanghai

21047 Las Vegas


60230 People Pack – Space Research and Development

60229 Rocket Assembly & Transport

Creator Expert

31095 Fairground Carousel

DC Super Heroes

76118 Mr. Freeze Batcycle Battle

76120 Batwing and The Riddler Heist
76122 Batcave Clayface Invasion
76137 Batman vs The Riddler Robbery 
76138 Batman and The Joker Escape 


10769 Toy Story 4 RV Vacation *


43178 Cinderella’s Castle Celebration

43182 Mulan’s Training Grounds

Hidden Side

70418 J.B.’s Ghost Lab

70420 Graveyard Mystery
70421 El Fuego’s Stunt Truck
70422 Shrimp Shack Attack
70424 Ghost Train Express
70432 Haunted Fairground


76113 Spider-Man Bike Rescue

76115 Spider Mech vs Venom
76127 Captain Marvel and The Skrull Attack
76144 Avengers Hulk Helicopter Rescue




21143 The Nether Portal


71713 Empire Dragon

71714 Kai Avatar – Arcade Pod *
70671 Lloyd’s Journey
71699 Thunder Raider *


75971 Hanzo vs Genji

75973 D.Va & Reinhardt


42088 Cherry Picker


11003 Bricks and Eyes *


10572 All-in-One-Box-of-Fun

10812 Truck & Tracked Excavator *


41362 Heartlake City Supermarket

Are you surprised by this list?

Are any sets retire earlier than you anticipate? Please share your thoughts and let us know by commenting below.

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