LEGO Hobbit Retirements: The Discontinuation of Smaug

It’s that time of year again where collectors and investors prepare for the latest round of LEGO Hobbit retirements. Naturally, since the currently available Hobbit sets are from the third movie in the trilogy, this will be the last chance for anyone to . And with the Tower of Orthanc retiring, there will soon be no more LEGO sets from the Tolkien universe being produced. Rest assured, LEGO will not be releasing these sets again, so now is the last chance for Lord of the Rings fans to pick these ones up at retail prices.

The Main Attraction: 79018 The Lonely Mountain

The Lonely Mountain is the crown jewel of the LEGO Hobbit lineup, and a truly unique set. Inside the box are 866 pieces, five minifigures, and the spectacular figurine of Smaug the dragon. Among the 866 pieces are a significant number of rare and valuable pieces, most notably the gold and sand green colored bricks. The five included minifigures are Bilbo Baggins and four dwarves: Balin, Dwalin, Kili and Fili. But the most important item in the box is unquestionably the Smaug figurine. Smaug is very large in size, measuring in at 8” (21cm) by 16” (42cm) by 4” (12cm) and is already selling for a high price on eBay. In short, 79018 contains all of the elements of a great set: A strong licensed theme, rare and interesting parts, a great selection of minifigures and a massive, detailed Smaug the dragon figurine. This set is going to be a big winner after it retires, especially considering its extremely short lifespan.

The Rest of the LEGO Hobbit Lineup

The rest of the retiring soon LEGO Hobbit lineup includes sets from both The Desolation of Smaug and Battle of the Five Armies films. These sets do not quite match up to 79018 The Lonely Mountain but they do have some unique minifigures to help drive their value up post-retirement. And in the case of the Battle of the Five Armies sets (the ones with the green boxes), a very short lifespan should help with their appreciation.

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