Pet Shop: The Next LEGO Modular Building to Retire?

Modular building collectors and investors are often asking the same question: What is the next LEGO modular building to retire? These Creator expert sets are highly collectible and desirable, and nobody wants to miss out on one because prices for these sets have historically skyrocketed immediately after retirement. So will 10218 Pet Shop be the next modular to retire? Let’s look at what has happened in the recent past with modular buildings. Three modular buildings have effectively retired since the end of 2013: 10197 Fire Brigade, 10211 Grand Emporium, and 10224 Town Hall. Fire Brigade and Grand Emporium had the same retail price and retired four years after they were introduced. The Town Hall had a higher price, higher piece count, and retired after approximately two and a half years, and retired alongside the Grand Emporium. This marked the first time that two modular buildings retired in the same year. From this, it would appear that the Town Hall was likely an outlier and the standard lifespan for current modular buildings is four years. 10218 Pet Shop is slightly over four years old now and stock has been difficult to find this year.

Is Pet Shop the Next LEGO Modular Building to Retire in 2015?

Returning to our original question: Will 10218 Pet Shop be the next LEGO modular building to retire? It seems that the answer is yes, since it has been available for four years now and the constant stock shortages of this set are a strong indicator that it is retiring soon. It is definitely worth because any set that is over four years old is always at risk of retirement, and the penalty for missing out on modular buildings can be quite costly.

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  1. It really looked like it was retired with OoS status in the EU. And then suddenly it returned in the S@H again with a limit of 2 per order, until apparently their stock increased so much they’ve also increased the order limit to 5 again!

  2. Missed out on the red wing fighter by days awaiting on vip points to post so will buy this set instead now.

  3. Is this set a definite good buy as asked on other forums and the general opinion it will be a while to gain any decent profit.

    • Personally I think there are better sets to buy as investment than the Pet Shop. Since the Pet Shop has been around for so many years it is quite hoarded by Lego investors, new and old. After it officially retires it will get a slight increase in price value, but it won’t get a big increase for possibly the first 2 years after retirement.

      Any way. if you’re an AFOL yourself, it’s good to have one Pet Shop for your own collection.

  4. I asked Lego through their e-mail thing that the Pet Shop is expected to last for the whole of 2016, but it depends on demand.

    • Yeah, I heard the same thing. LEGO has designated the Pet Shop to get retired by end of 2016, but if demand for it drops, they may choose to retire it sooner. The same source also said that the default policy is to retire the Advanced Modulars after 3 years availability, but they also look at demand and sale-numbers. This means that Palace Cinema, which reaches 3 years by March 2016, is also on the nomination to get retired this year. Especially since it’s a corner-building, which function the Brick Bank has now taken over.

      • Good point of view… never thought about that.
        I also agree on a few comments that the Pet Shop will take some time to gain value. There are so many out there with a few sets in each house…
        And with so may Lego sets to buy I don’t see this one as a good investment as other modular’s. Still, you should have at least one!

  5. What do you think of the Parisian Restaurant (lego 10243) that is no longer in the European catalog?

    • The catalog has not historically been an indicator of retirement. I think the Parisian Restaurant will be around for a while still.

  6. Lego.com is showing temporarily out of stock, but it cant be ordered now. There is not an expected ship date like other out of stock items. Does this mean it is retiring?

    • Temporarily out of stock means that it will be back in stock at some point, even if only in limited quantities. So on its own, it does not mean the Pet Shop is retiring. However, any time an older set starts to go out of stock at multiple retailers, that can indicate the first step towards retirement.

  7. I’m new to this investing thing, so hear me out or don’t your call.

    Anyway, I looked at the past modular buildings and noticed that once these sets retire to takes a couple of years to see a huge return. Fire Brigade is only at like 320 after 3 years, great? No. I’m sure 4 or 6 more years from now it’ll top 1k, but thats 140 bucks a year, nah. Pet shop has been around for over 5 years, old. What does old mean? tons of people own it by now. Piece count not so great, slow return. Town Hall has had a nice return, why? Most piece count in a modular building. I’d pick up the Parisian Restaurant because it has the 2nd more pieces, and its at its 2 year mark, meaning it might retire soon. It’ll see a nice higher growth rate then pet shop, piece count. Palace Cinema is a real iconic place, get it now.

    If you made this far thank you. You just read something from a slightly tipsy single college kid, diffidently not an english major, or even a college kid? Geez.

    On a more serious note, everyone has their ideas or theories about which set to buy now or later. The most important thing about all this lego buying and selling is that money you invest is like money you would set on fire or flush down the toilet. thanks.

  8. The Town Hall (2010) and the Grand Emporium (2012) both retired in October 2014, so I think it would make sense that the Pet Shop (2011) and Palace Cinema (2013) to retire late 2016 at the same time. What do you think?

  9. I think the Pet Shop will go up because you can put multiple town houses together to make a street like Brooklyn Heights unlike restaurant.

  10. On the Assembly Square press release (the 2017 modular), neither Palace Cinema or Pet Shop are name-checked in the notes (as other sets to which it can be added).

  11. It’s official now! Pet Shop is now officially RETIRING SOON (European S@H stores all show this now).

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