Retirement Coming for Six Small-Medium Sets

LEGO Shop at Home North America has flagged six more sets as ‘Retiring Soon’ on their website. Some of these sets have not been available for long, which makes such a quick retirement unusual. But nonetheless, the following sets will be retired soon:

LEGO 75158 Rebel Combat Frigate

LEGO 75142 Homing Spider Droid

LEGO 75141 Kanan’s Speeder Bike

LEGO 76060 Dr Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum

LEGO 70326 The Black Knight Mech

LEGO 60131 Crooks Island


Retiring Sets


  1. Do you guys think that these sets are worth to invest? Will they increase in value?

    • Shane, on which you base your opinion that (that particular) NEXO set will appreciate in time? Is there any relevant case from NEXO line that would be immensely succesful upon retiring?

    • looking for WHAT? To all usual standards this is nothing outstanding .. that is why I took the liberty to ask you what you see in this set so valuable.

  2. BTW.. anyone interested in retired US lego sets (STILL available in EU – France, Germany,. NL, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, etc.) .. Im wiling to buy them for you for the original price + shipping costs + 2 % PayPal surcharge.. what I get from such a deal? VIP Lego points 🙂

    E.g. Doctor Strange is still here available in plenty.. so does e.g. Palace Cinema or 70327 Nexo Knight. So if anyone is interested send me an email msg.

    • by “original” I mean the actual price that you see in respective country online official LEGO shop.

  3. Set #76060 is a good set to get a few. Unique minifigures and it’s not that expensive. I can see it being another winner like the Ant-Man Final Battle which now is over $50 or $60 per set…

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