Retiring Sets 2019 Year End Review

Happy 2019 and 2020

2019 is will be over in less than two weeks, so we think this is the perfect time to review our Retiring Set 2019 list. Let see if our predictions were accurate or not.

For all of the sets in the High-Risk section, LEGO already announced all of them will be retired this year. Even half of the sets mentioned in the Medium-Risk and Low-Risk section will be retiring too! So we think we are doing a good job predicting this year. and a couple of the Medium-Risk sets will be retired this year. So we think we are doing a good job predicting this year.

Please check out our Retiring Set 2019 list. We have updated and marked which sets will be retiring soon this year. Some of them already retired in the U.S., and some were retired in other regions. Some of the sets are already sold out in the U.S. shop, so that may indicate that LEGO will retire them soon in the U.S. market too. Many sets are currently 30% off right now in LEGO online store! So if you are interested in any of the sets on the list, then you better act fast!

We are currently working on the 2020 list, so please stay tuned. Finally, we hope you will have an excellent time for the rest of the year and a happy new year!

LEGO Retiring Soon Sets in 2019

10243 Parisian Restaurant [Retired or Retiring Soon]

75159 Death Star [Retired or Retiring Soon]

21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V [Retired or Retiring Soon]

21312 Women of NASA [Retired or Retiring Soon]

21314 TRON: Legacy [Retired or Retiring Soon]

10254 Winter Holiday Train [Retired or Retiring Soon]

10214 Tower Bridge [Retired or Retiring Soon]

10242 MINI Cooper [Retired or Retiring Soon]

70620 Ninjago City [Retired or Retiring Soon]

70618 Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty [Retired or Retiring Soon]

70655 Ninjago Dragon Pit [Retired or Retiring Soon]

21311 Voltron [Retired or Retiring Soon]

21313 Ship in a Bottle [Retired or Retiring Soon]


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