LEGO 75054 AT-AT Walking Towards Retirement

LEGO 75054 AT-AT is the latest rendition in a long line of sets based on one of Star Wars’ most recognizable vehicles. 75054 is the fourth full-sized AT-AT model produced by LEGO and nearing the end of its lifespan. But is it worth buying a set that has been released four times now?

LEGO’s latest AT-AT set contains 1138 pieces, which makes it the largest AT-AT walker model by piece count. It beats out 2007’s 10178 motorized AT-AT by the narrowest of margins: 75054 contains one more piece. The other two AT-AT sets had 815 and 1068 pieces and are generally inferior to the newest one. LEGO 75054 includes five minifigures: Three snowtroopers, an AT-AT driver, and General Veers, who is exclusive to this set. Overall, this set represents a good value in terms of piece count and minifigures, is considered on-par with the motorized AT-AT in terms of quality, and is superior to the other two AT-AT models. This should help the value of 75054 increase after retirement because it will generally be more desirable than the older models.

When is LEGO 75054 AT-AT Retiring?

Using history of similar products, we can see that the 75054 AT-AT set is highly likely to retire soon. 75054 has been available for over a year, and medium-sized Star Wars sets typically have a lifespan of approximately 1.5 years. In addition, the previous AT-AT set was released in 2010 and had a lifespan of 1.5 years. With this in mind, and the superior quality of 75054 when compared to the previous AT-AT sets, interested buyers will want to pick this one up sooner than later. The next AT-AT set won’t likely be released for 2 to 3 years, and there will be high demand for this iconic vehicle as Star Wars popularity surges with the release of the new films.

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