LEGO Death Star Retiring Soon: 10188 Sold Out

Many collectors have been asking for years now, is the LEGO Death Star retiring? Set 10188 has had a seven year lifespan so far which is unheard of for any LEGO set, especially one this large. But the Death Star is finally marked as Sold Out on LEGO Shop at Home, which is nearly always an indicator of upcoming retirement for any set that has been available for a long time. Released in 2008, the 10188 LEGO Death Star has 3803 pieces, a whopping 24 minifigures, and is currently LEGO’s largest set. It is the flagship of LEGO’s Star Wars collection and truly a one of a kind set. As shown by its lengthy seven year availability, 10188 has been a very popular and profitable set for LEGO. With the LEGO Death Star retiring soon, it will be interesting to see what new set will take its place at the top of LEGO’s Star Wars lineup. There are rumours of a UCS Hoth Echo Base being released in fall 2015 but that seems unlikely to be as iconic as the 3800 piece Death Star.

Is 10188 LEGO Death Star Retiring Soon?

Returning to the original question: Is the LEGO Death Star retiring? The answer is a clear yes. 10188 Death Star has been available for seven years, and while sets have been Sold Out in the past without retiring, that is not likely the case for a set this old. In addition, credible sources have indicated that 2015 would bring LEGO Death Star retirement, and that LEGO could release a new Death Star in the future. However, if you like 10188 and have not bought one in the past seven years, you should probably before the LEGO Death Star is sold out everywhere and prices increase dramatically. Many collectors regret missing out on large Star Wars sets, such as the UCS Millenium Falcon, and the Death Star could be next on that list.

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  1. I am not so sure about the timing. The Death Star is still one of the few sets listed in the Fall 2015 Catalog. I am thinking that they will continue to produce until late 2015 or early 2016. Could be wrong …. but with the inclusion in the catalog, it seems like they are committing through 2015 to have it available.

    • Don – You make an interesting point but the catalog has not proven itself in the past to be a reliable indicator of retirements. For example, 10937 Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout was featured in the holiday 2014 catalog but sold out in late November/early December (depending on region) and never came back. It wasn’t officially marked as “retired” until later but it effectively retired during the holiday season, because it sold out and LEGO did not produce any more.

  2. Excellent fact about the previous sets. Enjoyed that. I am nervous about the Death Star due to its extremely long run and many sets being out there. I wonder how much of the “hype” has gotten to the underlying value as an investor. I always wonder what else I could be spending my lego bucks on and what other return I could be bypassing. 🙂 Really enjoy the site and thanks for the perspective.

  3. During the Mini Model build today, I picked up a Red 5. A lego Store employee told me that I would want to pick up a Death Star soon because they are going to get their last 5 sets soon and that “is it”. Just FYI. It looks like they will actually retire the DS soon. I am not interested. I think too many folks have picked them up to pass the 500 – 550 mark. I could be wrong … 🙂

  4. It’s December now, and the 10188 DS is STILL available in S@H world-wide! Looks like the Lego group is catering to the demand for this set by simply producing more until the demand drops. But by then this set is not a worthy investment any longer I think.

  5. On Lego.shop.com, 10188 has today gone from temporarily out of stock to out of stock!
    Christmas rush, or is this it?

    • Sorry I should update that, it’s not out of stock on the website, it’s states sold out.

  6. As we all know it is retiring soon, but it’s now sold out in the UK. This was shortly after being noted as retiring soon!. If you want 1 & can still grab 1 get it now!!

  7. It is sold out on the Australian online Lego store, and it has being labeled retiring soon, so yes, it is confirmed.

  8. Sold out in Germany, too. Also marked as retiring. Lego Store staff told me in Oktober that it will go out of business at the end of the year and they were right. It’s making place for the new 75159 UCS Death Star coming next year 🙂

  9. Out of interest, exactly how long ago did the death star get retired officially and what was the RRP on this item before it went retired?


  11. I was planning to get it in January, but as soon it says Sold Out on the website I called local store and manage to get the last one on hold. Lucky Me

  12. The problem with this set is that TOO many people have this set tucked underneath their beds. Its a great set, no doubt about that, but there’s just too many out there. 568 is the cheapest i found it. This set will stay below the 600 mark for maybe a year or so. It’ll go up by 100 bucks each year. Holders will need the money or the space so these set will slowly come out of the closet. Many of these sets will be lost forever because of the younglings that get their hands these set and decide to throw into the lego box. Years will go by before this set reaches its peak. Remember money you invest is like money you would flush down the toilet. Buy one if you can or want it. Even at 570 its a great price. You’ll slowly double your profit, slowly.

    I might be wrong. We all have our theories, I’m just dropping mine. Cheers.

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