LEGO Imperial Shuttle Tydirium Retiring Soon

LEGO has released several Imperial Shuttle sets over the years, with the current 75094 Imperial Shuttle Tydirium being the clear best, non-UCS model. This set will be retiring later in 2016 and is potentially one of the best non-exclusive sets to purchase this year. Excluding the three sub-100 piece miniature sets, 75094 is one of three Imperial Shuttle models that LEGO has released. The first one was released in 2001, and like other Star Wars models from that era, it is smaller, less accurate and the minifigures much less detailed than sets available today. In 2010, LEGO released the 10212 UCS Imperial Shuttle with an impressive 2503 pieces which still remains the best of the bunch, but carries a very high price tag nowadays. Right in the middle of these two sets lies the current 75094 Imperial Shuttle Tydirium which features 937 pieces and 5 minifigures: Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, and 2 Endor troopers. 75094 represents the best Imperial Shuttle that most people can afford and thus it carries solid investment potential. Naturally, its ceiling is limited by the existence of the UCS model but there is still plenty of room for growth with this set.

LEGO Imperial Shuttle Tydirium Retiring Soon

75094 Imperial Shuttle Tydirium would be considered a medium-sized Star Wars set and was released in June 2015. Past history has shown that these sets tend to have a lifespan of about 1.5 years, and they retire after the remaining stock is sold during the holiday shopping season. This indicates that the 75094 Imperial Shuttle set will likely sell out for good between October and December of 2016 and retire shortly thereafter. This set is a solid, nearly 1,000 piece model of a recognizable Star Wars original trilogy ship and should perform reasonably well after retirement.

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  1. I would be surprised if this would retire so soon. Pleasantly surprised that is 🙂

  2. Do have any sources for this? There’s no evidence on the website that states this is retiring soon.

    • Of course there are no sources. Lego investing is mere speculation. 😁

  3. Would love for this to retire…. Great potential due to size, design and mini-figs.

  4. Agree that this excellent non-UCS version of the Imperial Shuttle is highly likely to retire by end of 2016, in a similar way as the mid-sized sets of the AT-AT and Imperial Star Destroyer which retired late 2015.

    Especially now that Rogue One has a new mid-sized shuttle coming out, the Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle (which I find butt-ugly, especially compared with the beautiful elegant Lambda class shuttle).

  5. This is on sale in LEGO Brand Stores here in Germany and will not be restocked according to store staff. Already sold out in my home-store.

  6. I was @ the WDW Lego store & noticed they had the 75094 Imperial Shuttle Tydirium on Red Sticker sale. ( so i purchased the last 4 ) Totally awesome set! Highly recommend.

  7. I’m not a SW fan but have to admit this is a very appealing set. I have two and am thinking of getting more, say one or two.

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