Could the LEGO Helicarrier Retire Soon?

LEGO 76042 The SHIELD Helicarrier is one of the largest sets currently produced by The LEGO Group. It was released relatively recently, but could it be retiring soon? Some might find that idea laughable, but there are valid reasons for the possibility of early retirement for this large. This set is a Marvel superheroes exclusive set! The LEGO Helicarrier is a detailed recreation of the airship featured in the MarvelĀ Avengers films. The set itself is massive by any metric, with 2996 pieces and 17 minifigures included in the sizeable retail box. There are five full-sized minifigures: Hawkeye, Maria Hill, Black Widow, Nick Fury, and Captain America himself. The other 12 included figures are “microfigures” — smaller figures that are better suited to the scale of the ship and can be placed inside the detailed interior. These figures include Captain America, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Iron Man, and eight SHIELD agents. The constructed model is 31 inches (80 cm) in length and 17 inches (45 cm) wide. It has working lights and rotors can be added with the purchase of LEGO’s power functions products. The display value of this UCS set is undeniable, and its appeal to superheroes collectors is obvious.

Could LEGO 76042 The SHIELD Helicarrier Retire Soon?

I know what some are thinking right now: “What? Of course, the Helicarrier isn’t retiring, it’s too new of a set.” Most people would probably agree with that sentiment, and turn their focus to older sets such as 10214 Tower Bridge and 10218 Pet Shop. And sure, those sets are safer bets for retirement — they have been sold for many years now and will have to retire sooner than later. But consider another UCS superheroes set, 76023 The Tumbler, which shocked LEGO collectors everywhere by retiring after slightly more than a year of life. Approximately one year before that, we saw other superheroes exclusive in 10937 Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout retire after less than two years of life. 76042 The SHIELD Helicarrier was released in March 2015, so retirement at the end of 2016 would be a big surprise, but it would also be similar to the lifespans of the Tumbler and Arkham Asylum sets. From an investment perspective, the Helicarrier is an interesting set. The retail price for 76042 is a hefty $350 USD, which deters resellers from stockpiling it early. So secondary market supply will be limited. The fact that the set is so new also means it will not be heavily stockpiled. So if this set does retire unexpectedly, it will greatly benefit anyone who has already purchased it. The potential upside is significant: Expensive sets historically perform well after retirement (because of the price tag limits supply). Every year there is always at least one surprise retirement that makes for a better investment than many of the more predictable retirements. Examples of this include the retirement of 10224 Town Hall in 2014 and to a lesser extent, 76023 The Tumbler at the end of 2015. There is a risk in investing in a younger set like this, but there is also the potential for significant reward. For those looking to minimize risk, perhaps the Helicarrier is not for them at this time. But for any investor looking to diversify their portfolio beyond Pet Shops, Ewok Villages, and others, 76042 The SHIELD Helicarrier represents an interesting retirement possibility with the potential for great returns.

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  1. History shows that large produced cars, guitars whatever will eventually become classics and as such saught after.
    The big question is there enough inflation in the long or near run.
    What will a pet shop be worth 8 years after retirement. Simply put no one knows but the way to look at it is thus.
    1. sell short term make a modest return
    2, play the long game hope the gamble payed off & reap the rewards.
    But if you repeat 1 regularly you have probably made more in the same time frame without having your investment tied up. So is lego the best short time buy?
    You nay ague yes, although I think it’s relative to supply & demand of many products. One example: Star Wars 6″ black series has been performing very well over the entirety of its inception.
    I suggest you go were your heart is & what ever the return be happy. if you are serious about investing are toys which ever you choose the right choice!! or rather enjoy it as a hobby and cash in when you can.

    • Uk shop at home has listed the following as retiring soon :
      Sydney Opera House
      Ewok Village
      Pet shop
      Doctor Who
      The big bang theory
      Ecto-1 (ideas)
      There may be more but i checked the themes for the above only

  2. I agree with you that this set is at risk to be retired by end of this year in a similar way how The Tumbler retired last year. As an UCS set it is highly unlikely to be ever made again by LEGO, so this is probably the last chance for everyone to buy it at a decent price, especially with the upcoming double-VIP points promo in October.

  3. For me this is a pass, it’s not a set I want to own, or would want in the secondary market if I started collecting sets after retirement.
    DC and Marvel Lego I personally do not see much after market value, short, medium or long term… The Tumbler and other sets tend to demonstrate this..

  4. What about the idea that these sorts of superheroes are going to be the primary focus for this current generation of moviegoers? Similar to how Star Wars was to people like me 25 years ago? If that is the case, surely owning the first ever large set of Marvel Superheroes produced would be a good thing in years to come…

    • For me, the primary focus for DC and Marvel is original comic books etc. And not Lego. (Considering a lot of these characters have been around for over 50 years).
      I don’t think it can be classed in the same category as Star Wars Lego…

      This is just my personal opinion though, as a Lego collector.

  5. When I look at this set I do not see a theme although it’s marketed as such. I see a big naval carrier. That alone makes me want to purchase this and I think it will cross the line between the fan of the marvel superhero to the casual fan which will make this wanted after retirement. But then again, it’s all purely speculating.

  6. Helicarrier was 20% off recently so I got 2 same on the pet shop, Simpson house and sandcrawler so it’s pretty high they will all ritire. Helicarrier will be an expensive set in my eyes as it’s the first USC kit that came with nano figures and for its pure size.

  7. Discontinued in many countries including NZ, Aus, France, Denmark, UK as of 20/11/17. Sold out in the US and Canada as well. The only place not discontinued as of current seems to be South Korea.

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