LEGO Tumbler Retiring Soon According to LEGO Shop Europe

LEGO 76023 The Tumbler has been marked as Retiring Soon by LEGO Shop at Home Europe. This is a big surprise, as The Tumbler has only been available for a little over a year and an imminent retirement would mean a very short lifespan for this set. Collectors and investors alike will likely be scrambling to  before it is discontinued, as many would have expected it to have a longer lifespan. 76023 The Tumbler is a unique, Ultimate Collectors Series (UCS) model based on the Batmobile from The Dark Knight film trilogy. This set consists of 1869 pieces, two minifigures, and the standard UCS plaque with information and technical specifications for the vehicle. The two included minifigures are a unique Batman figure, of course, and an exclusive Joker minifigure based on the late Heath Ledger’s acclaimed character from the film, The Dark Knight. This Joker minifig is already quite valuable as it is unlike the Joker minifigs included in other LEGO Batman sets. Between the piece count, the exclusive minifigures, and the complexity and accuracy of the model, LEGO 76023 The Tumbler is a quality set with solid value for its price point.

LEGO The Tumbler Retiring Soon: A Surprise Ending

It is very surprising to see 76023 The Tumbler marked as Retiring Soon on LEGO Shop at Home Europe this early in its lifespan. Any UCS set is expected to have at least a 2 year lifespan, generally, but if there was a set to retire sooner than that, The Tumbler makes a good candidate. First off, large Batman sets do not historically have long lifespans —  had a lifespan of slightly under two years, for example. Second, The Dark Knight trilogy has come and gone, and there is a new Batman film on the way, so The Tumbler LEGO set is not currently being promoted or popularized by an active film. In any case, this set could end up being one of the best investment sets we have seen in some time. Its short lifespan means reseller supply levels will be lower than that of other sets, and the set will likely never be remade in any form because it is so specific to The Dark Knight film trilogy. For anyone with any interest in this set, now is likely the time to buy it if you haven’t already.

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  1. I already heard last September from someone in Singapore who was told directly from a Lego Store manager that The Tumbler set would retire by this year’s end and it would take everyone by surprise. I took it with a grain of salt, but still made sure to have one set of The Tumbler, just to make sure.
    Glad I did that!

  2. Just managed to order one from Barnes and Noble with shipping to Australia.
    Glad I found this article

  3. So is it actually retired or not?

    Last time i checked on lego.com the status is “retired”. Now changed back to “sold out”

    One of my friend said that he email TLG about this set and said they producing it more? I dunno which one is true..

    • When a set is sold out and they’re not producing any more, the set is officially “Retired”. But… sometimes some sold sets get returned for one reason or another. LEGO will then change the status to “Call to Check for Product Availability” so a few lucky people who call on the phone can order those returns. After they’ve been sold again, the status will go to “Sold Out” and after a while back to “Retired Product”. So that’s the explanation for the status changes.
      The e-mail stating they are producing more when a set is sold out is a standard (automated?) email and it doesn’t have any significance.

  4. Looks like it’s now out of stock everywhere except re-sellers. Amazon, B&N, Target, etc. all out of stock.

  5. Found them on sale again today at Lego? Bagged one quickly then they were sold out again and disappeared? Red 5 xwing was on there again too? Girl said that they must have had a couple returned? Weird but lucky…

  6. Quick one guys and girls. Why does lego.com put hard to find next to products that they are selling and quite clearly easy to find, very quick on delivery and in most cases if you take VIP points into account cheaper than most retailers??? Answers on a postcard please…

    • The “Hard to Find” label means that these sets are not sold in every toy store that also sells Lego sets. There’s even a rumour that TLG is going to limit selling these Hard to Find sets exclusively in their own Brick & Mortar stores and through their own web shop. Third party stores that still have these sets are just selling older stock and are not getting replenishments when selling out of them.

      That’s the rumour…

      • I hope that does happen, it would make the item a bit more exclusive.. Especially for UCS.
        It also doesn’t make sense at the moment that S@H limits you to 1, when you go else where i.e. smyths and just place 5 separate orders in 5 minutes, for the same item to same delivery address..

  7. Never again will I wait to purchase after a set is listed here. I kept seeing the Tumbler for $199.00 and said to myself,”I will get it next time, I still have time. Now I may end up paying$100+ over retail just to have one. Glaad I jumped on ewok village.

  8. Lego Shop has gone from retired to ‘temporarily out of stock’ and seen them in some UK retailers. Can’t decide whether to buy more for investment or if this new batch will satisfy a lot of demand that was out there.

  9. I was lucky enough to find one at a Target store in Southern California last week. The box was actually in decent condition, considering it was probably one of the last ones available in Target stores across the state. I also was lucky at a local LEGO store and found a Red 5 X-wing which only had a small dent on the back of the box. Just goes to show that you can still catch some elusive sets by doing a little “fishing” around local retailers.

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