Upcoming 2017 Retirements Revealed in the LEGO’s Europe Website

76057-1: Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle As a tradition, LEGO will usually announce retiring sets in October. The LEGO Group have done collectors a big favor by revealing some of their upcoming retirements in their Europe website. The list contains a number of interesting sets, such as the first wave of their BrickHeadz series! Included in the list are:

BrickHeadz Series


41589 Captain America

41590 Iron Man

41591 Black Widow

41585 Batman

41587 Robin


41588 The Joker

41593 Captain Jack Sparrow

41594 Captain Armando Salazar

41592 The Hulk

41586 Batgirl

41595 Belle

41596 Beast



21127 The Fortress

21126 The Wither


76057 Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle

76051 Super Heroes Super Hero Airport Battle

76080 Ayesha’s Revenge

76073 Mighty Micros: Wolverine vs. Magneto

10724 Batman & Superman vs. Lex Luthor


41067 Belle’s Enchanted Castle


31065 Park Street Townhouse


70589 Rock Roader


10855 Cinderella’s Magical Castle

41184 Aira’s Airship & the Amulet Chase

21027 Berlin

60122 Volcano Crawler

60120 Volcano Starter Set

60121 Volcano Exploration Truck

41231 Harley Quinn to the rescue

70359 Lance vs. lightning

41172 The Water Dragon Adventure

10524 Farm Tractor

10590 Airport

10808 Little Plane

31051 Lighthouse Point

42049 Mine Loader

10506 Track System Train Accessory

10801 Baby Animals

10580 DUPLO Deluxe Box of fun

10853 DUPLO Creative Builder Box

Best Sets of These 2017 Retirements

There are many BrickHeadz, DUPLO and City sets to be retired this year. Since they are mostly non-exclusive sets, they generally aren’t a good investment unless they are at a significant discount. The more interesting set is the . This set has seven minifigures and featured a big bridge section to recreate those exciting scenes in the comics. You can also combine with another bridge set to form a bigger bridge! Aso, this set only available for a little over a year. Note that these announced retirements are just a handful of the sets that will be retired this year, and LEGO may still have some surprises in store for us!

Retiring Sets


  1. Lego re-release Taj Ma Hal and the effect could go a number of ways dependent on its lifespan.

    The most extreme effect is the end of lego as any Investment or extremely low investment returns.
    What impact? would it have on Lego if no one on Bricklink etc.. boiught, to sell on either ,in parts or as whole sets. What impact? will it have on Lego RRP as many have put reasoning behind there high price purchase was future price worth?
    If Lego is not careful it’s going to kill the golden goose & harm it self much more than help. More people want what they find difficult to get than those faced being swamped by product.
    Consider investment in each set on its own merits and consider the amount of investment carefully !

  2. No soul knows what he may earn tomorrow no soul knows which land he will die in.

    This principle applies to all types of investments. I have only been a lego collector for few years and nothing is guaranteed in my experience. I also don’t think the exclusive Lego sets are necessarily where most of the profits are, unless you’re prepared to sit on your investment for quiet a while. Laden ship to blame… maybe?

    The release of Taj Mahal is just a ‘subtle’ reminder, that none of us can say with certainty which particular set will bring a safe return.

    Sometimes you are better off waiting for sets to be discounted especially the smaller sets and then shifting them asap instead of paying RRP for larger sets and waiting years to make any decent profits. Most people are willing to buy popular sets close to rrp but relectant to pay large sums unless what you have is very rare.

    Over all the release of Taj Mahal will probably only have short term implications on lego investors or buyers alike.It’s just a wake up call after all the bubble has always been there just waiting to burst.

    Still doubt it will put people off unless Lego actually starts a trend and brings back more rare sets – something to watch out for!

  3. I agree that there’s always risks with any investment but we’re talking toys not gold etc.. Imagine if all manufacturers released sought after collectables, there would be some that welcome that but in my opinion it would endanger the collectable toy investment irreparably. Beanie Babies were sought afte,r prior to the millenium. TY then slew the market with Beanies of the high end prieces and in doing so the collectables side collapsed to the degree that people buy as they want a present prices are on the whole nothing special.

    You can’t re-make giold, just hope to find more if it could be made on mass ( re-released) prices & demand would reduce, and this is the point i was making. Ty ended up damaging there business model, like Ratners jewellers making one silly statement. So Lego could do the same issuing to many re-releases hence reason i gave the food for thought view i submitted.

    Totally agree there are risks but Lego are adding to those Risjs them selves. I can not see the future and hope i am wrong in my worries.

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