Upcoming LEGO Retirements Revealed

The LEGO Group has done collectors a big favor by revealing some of their upcoming retirements on the LEGO Shop at Home Europe website, and the list contains a number of interesting sets. Included in the list are:

10218 Pet Shop

10234 Sydney Opera House

10236 Ewok Village

75059 Sandcrawler

  LEGO has also announced that the following products from the LEGO Ideas line will be retiring soon:

21108 Ghostbusters Ecto-1

21302 Big Bang Theory

21303 Wall-E

21304 Dr. Who

Best Sets of These 2016 Retirements

At this point, many of these retirements have been expected and come as little surprise;  is a prime example of a set for which retirement has long been anticipated.  is probably more of a surprise to some people, and thus the post-retirement market supply is likely to be lower when compared to other sets. and  will both be solid purchases, as large Star Wars sets have historically been in high demand after they retire. The Sandcrawler was likely less expected by many to retire this year, and combined with its high price tag, it is likely in shorter supply than the Ewok Village. As for the Ideas retirements,  has been available for over two years and is likely stockpiled in high quantities. The other three sets, , , and have each been available for approximately one year, with Dr. Who having a slightly shorter lifespan than the other two sets. Of these three, it is quite possible that 21303 Wall-E will perform the best due to the overall high quality of the set, but Big Bang Theory and Dr. Who will both be sought after by fans of their respective TV shows. Note that these announced retirements are just a handful of the sets that will be retired this year, and LEGO may still have some surprises in store for us!

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  1. Finally! I thought Lego was never gonna retire some of these sets this year.

  2. All of the UK prices shown above are incorrect (higher than the actual prices).

    • The reason for the higher prices, is because it rips the price direct from the affiliate links from Amazon. Prices go up fast on Amazon when sets are retiring. So they are not to be confused with regular retail or lego shop prices.

    • The shown prices are taken from Amazon (UK, FR, DE). Not the Lego S@H RRP prices.

  3. What is the potential peice growth on these sets during the next years? Will the Wall-E price double, and is the Sandcrawler really that popular?

    • Based on what? Could take longer if at all and there’s always the chance of a remake. Unless you have a crystal ball there is no way to predict how it will turn out.

      • I think this set is less likely to be remade, while it has an appeal to new AFOLs, so I also think it is a winner.

        • I entirely agree. Especially Ewok Village.It is rated high on many websites due to its great displayability and playability, and as Jderks said, it’s likely to be remade

  4. What is the source? you stated that it was announced by LEGO, can someone provide me with the link?

  5. Re: source request – the ‘announcement’ is in the form of a ‘Retiring Soon’ banner posted above each set on the Lego store website.

    • thank you, I live in Canada and for some reason, I cannot access the European Lego homepage.

  6. LEGO Ewok village is not one of the the retiring soon products on Canada Shop at home..

  7. I think retirement of sets depends on country…therefore it might retire in Europe but not here in the Americas

  8. Hopefully someone can confirm, but has the Ewok Village retired? It doesn’t seem to even have a page anymore on Lego.com??

  9. Where can I find information on LEGO Technic sets headed for retirement? I’m especially interested in 42043 and 42042.

    • 42043 has a high chance of retiring by the end of 2017, based on the lifespan if similar Technic sets in the past.

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