Upcoming LEGO Retiring Sets Revealed at Europe Store

The LEGO Group has revealed some of their upcoming retiring sets in 2017 on the LEGO Europe store. This is a good indicator those sets will be retired worldwide soon. Included in the list are:

Ninjago sets

70605 Misfortune’s Keep

70326 The Black Knight Mech by LEGO

70604 Tiger Widow Island

70321 General Magmar’s Siege Machine of Doom

70602 Jay’s Elemental Dragon

70603 Raid Zeppelin

70601 Sky Shark

70600 Ninja Bike Chase

Nexo Knight sets

70324 Merlok’s Library 2.0

70322 Axl’s Tower Carrier

70323 Jestro’s Volcano Lair

70320 Aaron Fox’s Aero-Striker V2

70319 Macy’s Thunder Mace

70318 The Glob Lobber

70336 Ultimate Axl

70337 Ultimate Lance

70339 Ultimate Flama

Angry Birds sets

75826 King Pig’s Castle

75825 Piggy Pirate Ship

75824 Pig City Teardown

75823 Bird Island Egg Heist

75822 Piggy Plane Attack

75821 Piggy Car Escape

Star Wars Sets

75158 Rebel Combat Frigate

75141 Kanan’s Speeder Bike

75142 Homing Spider Droid

City Sets

60131 Crooks Island

Legends of Chima sets

850779 LEGO® Legends of Chima™ Minifigure Accessory Set Best Sets of These 2017 Retirements There are many Nexo Knight, Ninjago and Angry Birds sets to be retired this year. Since they are mostly non-exclusive sets, they generally aren’t a good investment unless they are at a significant discount. , and have been available for a more than a year. The retirements of those sets have been expected and come as little surprise. Note that these announced retirements are just a handful of the sets that will be retired this year, and LEGO may still have some surprises in store for us!

Retiring Sets


  1. The Rebel Combat Frigade, the Angry Birds sets and the Chima set all look like they will appreciate. The Angry Birds because of the exclusive molds, for now and overall the prints. The Rebel Frigade because of the current size and price and the somewhat *rare* prints on the minifigs. The Chima because of the once again *rare* minifigs plus the fact that Chima as a set series ended in 2014-2015. Hope this helps!

  2. Hello Derek,

    I don’t agree with you. The Angry Birds sets are shelf keepers. It’s an unpopular theme and the target group are kids. Chima is one of the least popular themes and not worth to collect it. In my opinion it won’t be worth collecting it. The Rebel Combat Frigate on the other side is a Star Wars set. Star Wars sets in whole are good investments but the 75158 is not from the canonical plot. It’s from the REBELS sub theme so time will tell…
    Just my 2 cents… 😉

  3. I agree that Star Wars is a better investment but Rebels = canon. So the Rebel combat frigate is now part of the Star Wars canon.

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