Will Mini Cooper 10242 Retire This Year?

10242 Mini CooperThe LEGO Mini Cooper 10242 had been in the market for almost five years. This set was initially released in Aug 2014! It seems like LEGO will never retire this set in the US market. This set had been a regular in our Retiring Soon list. However, this year may be the year that Mini Cooper finally retired. LEGO already retired this set in the Europe market in December last year. Usually, when LEGO retires sets in one region, other regions will follow, and the US market is no exception. So this is a high possibility that LEGO will retire it in the US market this year. If you are interested in Mini Cooper 10242, then you better act fast. This may be your last chance to get this set! You may also take advantage of the Double VIP Points promotion that ends on the 31st of this month.

More Details on LEGO Mini Coper 10242

This highly detailed LEGO replica of the classic MINI Cooper Mk VII is truly a masterpiece. The mini cooper in its classic green and white side mirrors and racing stripes. Doors that open and a hood that lifts to reveal the detailed engine, interior, and spare tire compartment. The roof is removable to access a tan colored interior with patterned seats, veneer-style dashboard, turnable steering wheel, and adjustable gearshift and handbrake. This set also includes a picnic basket and blanket, the perfect accessories for a fun day in the countryside! This set contains over 1,077 pieces and measures over 4” high × 5” wide and 9” deep.

10242 MINI Cooper

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  1. It appears the MINI Cooper set has been retired. It is out of stock and LEGO and Amazon and only third-party sellers are offering it with significant markup.

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