Will the LEGO Beatles Yellow Submarine Retire This Year?

LEGO Idea Beatles Yellow Submarine LEGO Ideas is an excellent representation of the iconic Yellow Submarine from the famous 1968 film! Yellow submarine features a removable top cockpit that fits all four Beatles minifigures, four rotating periscopes, two rotating propellers and an adjustable rudder, plus a removable display stand. The set has 553 pieces and 4 minifigures: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, plus a Jeremy figure. LEGO released this set in the US on November 1, 2016. The submarine itself has become an iconic symbol of the era and of The Beatles themselves. This is a great set for The Beatles and music fans! This set also tapped into a much broader audience than traditional LEGO themes. It gets more people to pick up a LEGO set for the first time.

Is The Beatles Yellow Submarine retiring?

The LEGO Ideas sets can have some relative short life span. The set, which retired at the year-end of 2015, only had a one-year lifespan. Also, in 2016, there were mass retirements of five sets (, , , , ) and they are all only had a one-year lifespan. Both WALL-E and Doctor Who were introduced in Autumn 2015, and retired end of 2016/early 2017. Currently, the online store has marked the Yellow Submarine as “Backorder”. This status is generally not particularly helpful for determining set retirements. However, using history of similar products, there is a possibility that this Beatles set retires by the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018. The British Invasion may be over in the US, but The Beatles are still very popular in Europe. So interested collectors may want to  before it is too late.

Caterham Seven 620R 21307 — Another LEGO Ideas set to watch

LEGO had released in 2016. This set may also have the same one-year time span as the other sets in the series.

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  1. I expect both Ideas sets (Yellow Submarine and Caterham Seven) to be retired by end of this year.

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